About Company

The story of Herh Fuah began in 1976 by our founder Mr TY Lim, he started humble as small scale van sales business, the hard working and positive mind set to develop step by step build up the trusted business relationship with customers. Hence, Mr TY Lim named it Herh Fuah (合发) which means the full co operation of all sectors with customers, only able to prosperous and success.

To achieve the mission and vision of success business, Herh Fuah ventured into sole distribution and expands aggressively marketing of FMCG over Sabah and Labuan network. Equipped with over 40 years of industry experience, the business had been successfully growth and it continues to expand.

Hence, our house brand “Adiputri” and “Monas” launched in year 2016 and continue to distribute over local and oversea market. Continually the year 2017, we expand the first branch in Tawau area which provide wider of distribution and coverage in East Coast Sabah.

Today, Herh Fuah implement the automated packing business with continually extends the distribution with wide range of FMCG products including food and beverage, personal care, pet products and others. With our experience of team, sure able to give the great dedicated service to our customers, let’s growth and success together!

Our Vision

“To Be An Excellent Team”

Our Mission

To Be a Modern Trade Distributor

More Efficiency in Sales & Marketing Activation

80% Distribution to Total Sabah Market on Key Product

To Be More Competitive in the Market